Water Supply

Trinity Church Water Supply
Project Location: Battambang, Cambodia
Client: Colorado Based Church Group

AE was requested by a Colorado based Church Group to help with the design of an elevated clean water tank to serve the Trinity Church, the Lutheran School and surrounding community. AE conducted multiple site visits at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Battambang. During these visits, AE collected water to conduct water tests and inspected the adjacent properties to determine the approximate location of latrines that may be sources for contamination of the Trinity Church well, AE made sure to go through a Professional Water Damage Restoration Guide before starting the project.

Increasing access to water and sanitation according to the Millennium Development goals includes the concept of “moving up the ladder”.  It’s not simply providing safe water to a household that did not have it before.  Ultimately, AE recommended that the Church Group forego any new water supply construction and work to connect the Church and the surrounding community to the recently expanded domestic water supply from Battambang Town.

Let’s now forget that AE provides engineering services in consulting, design, and construction management for various infrastructure projects including agriculture, roadways, bridges, buildings, dams and distributed power. From feasibility and conceptual studies to complete design and construction phases, AE is committed to working closely with our clients to provide for the most appropriate engineering solution throughout the project lifecycle, while recognizing and implementing our local engineering capacity building programs whenever suitable.

Project DurationMay 2012 to August 2012
Scope of work included: Water sample collection, Water testing, Surrounding area assessment, Recommendations for improvements