Temple Restoration

Temple Restoration
Project Location: Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
Client: World Monuments Fund

AE assisted with temple restoration at Angkor Wat, Phnom Bakheng and Preah Khan for World Monuments Fund (WMF). Project scope included structural stabilization, deconstruction, stone consolidation, reassembly, and maintenance of existing shoring.

AE helped lead the transition of engineering design and construction responsibilities from U.S. based staff to Khmer professionals in Siem Reap. This was done with the development of the engineering capabilities of the Khmer professionals on the WMF staff.  AE also assisted in development of engineering solutions for Architectural Heritage Conservation along with Khmer Engineers and builders. AE was also responsible for the preparation of related drawings, design documents and reports then work with Khmer staff to help them understand the drawings and design process. The coordination of site supervisors, site inspections and quality control of work implementation was key to the success of the projects.

Project Duration: May 2009 to December 2010
Site included: Angkor Wat, Phnom Bakheng, Preah Khan
Services providedTemporary structure design, Project Management