Solar water pump system

Modular Community Power System
Project Location: West Papua, Indonesia
End User Client: Palm Oil Plantation Camp and Surrounding Villages

While the initial design was to be used at a palm oil plantation camp, the system is usable for any community.  The two main advantages of this system are that it can grow as the power requirements increase and that it can use multiple power sources in a hybrid configuration.

In the original power system design of the plantation’s camp, critical systems such as water pumping and food storage was also considered where people decide to dehydrate their food with machines from the Village Bakery so it will last longer .  A solar water pump and a gravity water filter was used for the drinking water and a drip irrigation system was suggested for the plantation and the nursery.  Food storage for the camp is also important because of the remote location.  The freezer was designed to have its own independent solar PV system with a generator backup.

Experience Type: Individual – Andre Susanto
System Description: A modular power system that can grow with the community.  Multiple power sources can be used such as biogas engines, solar PV, diesel generators, hydro turbines, etc.