Nagathom Ricemill


Project Management
AE provides full service Project Management for a variety of project types. Project Management can include feasibility study, design management, managing the tendering and construction bidding phase, construction management and final signoff on construction. AE has provided full Project Management services for industrial and commercial building projects as well as civil works projects.

Feasibility Analysis
AE offers due diligence services, such as assessing the feasibility, financial viability, and technical appropriateness of a project. AE determines if the capital, operating, and maintenance costs are reasonable and if the project presents potential for a positive net return.

Design & Engineering
AE provides design and engineering services for a range of infrastructure facilities including roadways, bridges, buildings, schools, dams, electric micro-grids, and renewable energy power systems. AE offers various services from preliminary assessments to final design, including initial site survey, geotechnical exploration, mapping, CAD drawings, specification writing, technical design, and calculations. 

Construction Management
AE provides construction management services in scheduling, budgeting, contract review, bidding, constructability reviews, and payment approvals while monitoring, documenting, and coordinating the daily construction activities of the contractor. AE is committed to ensuring projects are completed to a high quality standard and within budget and schedule.

Operations & Maintenance
AE offers services in the operations and maintenance (O&M) planning for facilities to help assure the investment of the facility and reduce the lifecycle cost. AE provides maintenance training and performs condition assessments and performance monitoring of the facility.

Monitoring & Evaluation 
AE also provides independent evaluations to assess the achievements, benefits, and impacts of a project, to identify lessons learned and provide recommendations.