Remote village off grid solar PV technical inspection, capacity building and socio-economic survey

Off-Grid Solar PV System Inspection and Audit
Project Location: 200+ sites throughout Indonesia

Our team members started managing and leading the national teams responsible for this inspection in 2013.  At the time, they were involved as expert inspectors (Nino Brisal and Tito Arie Sandi), project manager (Bayu Setyaning) and national team leader (Andre Susanto).  In 2014 after they joined with AE Indonesia, the client decided that their involvement was paramount to the success of the project.  Together with GOPA-Intec’s international team of experts who are the main consultant for this project, AE’s team members also played a significant role in analyzing the data for each site as well as the creation of the final overall report to the client.

Deploying 8 field teams, AE Indonesia inspected over 100 sites ranging from 15kWp to 150kWp of off grid solar PV systems all over Indonesia.  The inspection consists of component compliance, workmanship quality, performance verification as well as a socio-economic survey of the villagers.

After the field data was collected and analyzed, AE Indonesia’s core team members were also involved in interpreting the information in order to create a technical summary report.  Not only was the experience in the field was valuable to AE Indonesia, but being able to analyze the raw data and create a technical summary report puts the information of over 20,000 remote area households at our fingertips.

With this knowledge, AE Indonesia is unsurpassed in the knowledge and experience of designing, deploying and operating solar PV systems in remote areas.

Experience Type: Team – AE Indonesia
Solar PV Inspected: 2013 – 1.5 MW (115 sites) / 2014 – 3 MW (106 sites)
Households Affected: 2013 – 7000+ Households / 2014 – 15,000+ Households