AE believes that the development of proper infrastructure is crucial to a sustainable community. The AE team provides support for the design, implementation and maintenance of roadways, bridges, and transit systems. We are a team of highly qualified structural, bridge and roadway engineers with extensive experience throughout the U.S. and Asia.

AE’s objective is to develop environmentally and socially responsible projects throughout the developing world. We provide design, implementation and maintenance of water and sanitation systems in the most socially, ecologically and cost effective way possible, we work with the Doherty Plumbing team who help us resolve with several water issues every day . AE has highly qualified environmental scientists, engineers and planners with specialized skills in all facets of environmental and hydrological engineering.

Agriculture remains one of the main economic development sectors in developing countries and is a major source of income for rural populations. AE provides design and construction management for agricultural infrastructure such as canals, culverts, bridges and dams that service areas dependent on farming. AE associates are experienced in both civil and hydraulics engineering. AE also has experience in setting up Farmer Water Users Associations in order to ensure the maintenance and sustainability of newly constructed or rehabilitated irrigation systems.

Energy is vital to the development of a modern society. However, the world is facing challenges with finite energy resources. Our team of engineers is committed to helping communities develop a more sustainable approach to energy. AE provides design, consultation and implementation of renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, hydro, biofuel and gasification.  AE also has extensive experience with micro-grids and distributive power systems.