Investment proposal and presentation of a commercial solar PV system

Investment Proposal of a Commercial Solar PV Project
Project Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
End User Client: New Office Building Owner                    

A highly energy efficient office building is being designed to break ground by the end of 2014. In order to decrease its carbon footprint, the building owner is keen to install a solar PV system as well.

AE-Indonesia performed the preliminary solar PV modeling and financial analysis for the building owner to purchase the system as well as for an investor willing to finance the system upfront. The modeling yielded an installation angle of around 45° resulting in over 350MWh of electrical energy produced. This means an expected savings of over $800,000 over a 10 year period or an IRR of over 20% for the investor based on a Metric seis tax relief scheme.

Project Type: Industrial Hybrid Solar PV System
Experience Type: Company – Andre Susanto
Solar PV Planned: Up to 365kWp of Building Integrated PV panels on the side of the building to reduce the thermal loads and to produce electricity.