Commercial solar PV hybrid system

Commercial Hybrid Off Grid Solar PV System
Project location:
East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mr. Susanto (VP AE Indonesia) was tasked by a major telecommunication company to add a solar PV system to their existing installation in order to reduce the fuel consumption.  The end result was a solar PV hybrid system with the existing diesel generator.

Operational since 2012, the system has been working together with the diesel generator to provide over 70kWh/day of electricity to the commercial camp.  The electricity is used to provide power to the living quarters and offices of the staff as well as numerous critical telecommunication equipment.

The hybrid system is a little bit more complex than an urban installation of a grid tied solar PV system.  Under Mr. Susanto’s technical supervision, the design and installation went smoothly and the system is running well.  Mr. Susanto also supervised the design and implementation of a remote monitoring system with an automatic cut off switch to guard against damage to the batteries.

Currently the system is saving this off grid facility about $15000/year on fuel and maintenance of the generator, which has been supplemented by this solar PV system.

Experience Type: Individual – Andre Susanto
Solar PV Installed: 23,970 Wp
Battery Installed: 120 x OPzV 2VDC@800Ah
Energy Produced: 112.3 kWh/day (Maximum) – 72.8 kWh/day (Average)