Hutan Harapan energy system audit and roadmap planning

Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Roadmap for a Remote Research Facility
Project Location: South Sumatra, Indonesia
End User Client: Hutan Harapan

Harapan Rainforest is located in South Sumatra and it is managed with a goal to restore its ecosystem. The forest is inhabited by native communities who are now settling into small villages. In addition, there is also a world-class research center encampment.

AE was tasked to audit the energy and sanitation situation at the camp and the surrounding villages. In addition, the research facility also requested a plan to develop and install a renewable energy based power system. This power system will initially be used to reduce the reliance on diesel generators and as funding become available, to build a commercial scale renewable energy power plant to sell the excess electricity to the utility company. All local renewable resource were considered for the power plant to develop this roadmap.

Experience Type: Company – Andre Susanto
Project Description: An energy and sanitation audit of the research facility and surrounding villages. Develop a roadmap for a commercial renewable energy power plant.