Guesthouse Adaptative Reuse

Project Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Client: Thaneakea Phoum (Cambodia) Ltd.

AE was requested by Thaneakea Phoum (Cambodia) Ltd. (TPC) to visit the site of an existing 7-storey guesthouse building for a preliminary rapid assessment of the structural conditions of the building, and to make recommendations for further action as necessary.

Our evaluation addressed the major visible structural components of the building, and their apparent adequacy for the future current usage of the facility as a new office space for TPC.

To perform the investigation quickly and inexpensively, the survey was limited to visual observations made from floor level and did not include detailed structural calculations. However, the inspection report provided the client with enough information to make a decision to move forward with the lease agreement.

Project Duration: June 2013 to July 2013
Building size: 2750 m2
Scope of work: On-site visual structural investigation, Report to Client