Grid interactive solar PV system

Off-grid Solar Powered CCTV
Project Location: Kalimantan and Sumatra, Indonesia
End User Client: PT Multi Integra

Due to the remote locations of the CCTV cameras, the client wishes to have a solar PV powered backup electric system. In some locations, the solar PV system is the sole source of energy for the CCTV system.

An automatic transfer switch was also designed for locations where there are multiple power sources. Otherwise, the solar PV system was designed to provide about 1kWh of energy per day. A very robust IP68 rated sealed controller was used among other high quality components to provide a long service life.  A mounting system and a 3-line diagram was provided to the client to make it easy to install.

Experience Type: Company – AE Indonesia
Solar PV Installed: 6,375 Wp
Battery Installed: 30kWh total storage