Energy Associates

Evenly Simon, S. H. | Microhydro Specialist
Mr. Simon is a long time veteran to microhydro in remote contexts. With more than 70 installations since 1985, totaling nearly 2MW of accumulated microhydro projects, Mr. Simon has lead all aspects of feasibility analysis, design, installation, training, hand-off, and maintenance. His typical microhydro projects range from 10kW to 100kW in size, but Mr. Simon has executed projects as small as 2kW and as large as 1/4 MW. Mr. Simon has managed projects for a wide variety of clients from large private mining companies, Government programs, the UNDP, and NGOs. He has completed projects in over 20 different Kabupatans throughout Papua and Kalimantan. He leads a highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and machinists, capable of executing all aspects of microhydro system implementation. Mr. Simon began collaborating with the AE team in 2013, and joined the ownership & management team in early 2014.

Dana Brant, M.S. | Solar Power Design Engineer
Mr. Brant is an expert in solar power design. He has extensive experience in PV systems and micro-grid design on both small and large-scale projects. He has authored multiple solar trade magazine articles and conducted several technical training seminars in the USA and Costa Rica. Mr. Brant’s experience includes design of hybrid systems incorporating wind, solar, hydro power, battery and diesel generators in New Zealand, Uganda, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina and USA.

Terrance Meyer, P.E. | Wind Power Design Engineer
Mr. Meyer is a specialist in wind power design. He has extensive experience in wind resource assessment and modeling having performed more than 50 such assessments over the last few years including projects for tribes from San Diego to Kansas. Mr. Meyer has worked with tribes, industry, island communities, as well as utility projects. He has a broad knowledge of wind and other renewable resources making him well suited to crafting resource assessments in challenging environments. Mr. Meyer has managed the development of wind projects from conception to operation.

R. Tony Knowles, M.S. | Biomass Gasification Specialist
Mr. Knowles has extensive experience in bio-gasification design and village electricity systems. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors and Technical Advisor of SME Renewable Energy Ltd., in Cambodia specializing in rural electricity enterprises in the rice milling sector, ice factories, brick plants, rural electricity enterprises and other rural based enterprises that require cost saving energy solutions to be competitive. In addition to Cambodia, he has worked in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Lesotho and Canada.

Nino Dewa Brisal | Senior Electrical Engineer
Mr. Brisal is a senior engineer with experience in site surveys (for civil, mechanical and electrical projects), CME project installation and commissioning, solar PV system design, installation and commissioning as well as supervisory and project management experience. Having an electrical engineering education background and additional civil and mechanical engineering experience, Mr. Brisal is well equipped to engage in all aspects of village electrification work since he has also studied methods to improve his mind using resources from sites as for this purpose. In the past, he has installed a fuel cell power system for a BTS and recently, Mr. Brisal performed a thorough off-grid solar PV system audit and review throughout Indonesia. Mr. Brisal is also certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy for utility scale solar PV system design.

Tito Arie Sandi | Information Technology Engineer
Tito Arie Sandi is an engineer within AE with background in solar PV system installation and commissioning, electrical and electronic system installation and commissioning and experience in site surveys (for civil, mechanical and electrical projects). With several years of field experience throughout Indonesia with a focus in Kalimantan, Tito has developed a unique skill set in which he combines his IT knowledge with electrical and power systems (including solar PV) engineering to be able to tackle any projects he is tasked with.

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