AE provides energy services with a focus in renewable energy and energy management. For end users, project developers and investors we provide services from start to finish: throughout the lifecycle of the project, from pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, budgeting and financial analysis, procurement management, project management and supervision, commissioning and operations and maintenance.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in the design, implementation and maintenance of renewable energy systems as well as energy management and efficiency. AE’s focus in this sector is to work on the client’s behalf and ensure that the projects are executed professionally and that they are financially beneficial for the clients.


Our worldwide team members are experienced in the design, analysis, implementation and maintenance of renewable energy systems. From biogas to solar PV, hydro and wind projects, and hybrid systems, AE’s team is ready to help our clients take projects from concept to completion. AE’s engineers are creative problem solvers and are able to create solutions based on each client’s unique requirements. These solutions include solar water pumps, modular and expandable micro-grid design, distributed generation and storage power systems, pumped storage solutions and many others. Project examples include:

With our team’s broad background and experiences, AE can provide a number of energy related consulting services. From environmental engineering to civil and mechanical engineering, to physics and electrical engineering, and even finance and accounting, our team is ready to provide many kinds of consulting services. We are ready to assist with market analysis and roadmap planning, technical consulting services and capacity building development projects.

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Having been trained, and also having given training on different types of energy project financial analysis, modeling and valuation, we can help our clients develop projects for their facilities that result in a real cost savings for their operational budget. Combining our financial and accounting knowledge with our technical background gives us the capability to help our clients save money through their energy usage. This also allows us to work with investors and project developers who are willing to finance green energy projects that fit their financial goals based largely on our project analysis report.

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No other company has the extensive experience that our team has in rural and remote area electrification in Indonesia. Our team members have been intimately involved in the planning, management and implementation of technical and socio-economic inspection of over 200 remote area communities and their electrical microgrids. During this inspection, our team inspected and collected audit data for the workmanship, component compliance, performance verification and socio-economic survey at each of the communities. Having visited these remote areas, our team has developed a great understanding of the challenges in providing high quality renewable energy power systems in difficult to reach areas. While each area has their own unique obstacles, our vast experiences allow our team to create the appropriate logistics and technical strategy for each difficult location. Leveraging this knowledge, AE has also developed a turnkey rural electrification system that is modular and allows for customized payment systems. Our team continues to refine this system to make rural electrification with renewable energy power sources as painless as possible. More importantly, our system has the framework and infrastructure built in to make each rural electrification project financially and technically viable for the long run. Lampung S09 PV Array (83)

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