Eco resort renewable energy system roadmap and system design

Eco Resort Solar PV System Design and Renewable Energy Roadmap
Project Location: Java, Indonesia
End User Client: Pulau Macan Eco Resort

The owner of the resort requested that the existing solar PV system be repaired as well as the island’s electrical system. After reviewing the existing system, the solar PV system was redesigned to become a hybrid system with a new generator to be used as a backup.

Once the system is running well, AE also developed a roadmap for the future energy requirements and for the island resort to be fully powered with renewable energy. This included considerations such as a small wind turbine, additional solar PV systems and further energy reduction plans. With the roadmap that AE developed, this island resort can grow its capacity and be sure that there is an appropriate plan in place for the renewable energy power plant to keep up with the additional requirements.

Project Type: Modular Community Power Plant
Experience Type: Individual – Andre Susanto
System Description: A modular power system that can grow with the community.  Multiple power sources can be used such as biogas engines, solar PV, diesel generators, hydro turbines, etc.