Village Scale Agroprocessing Platforms

Village Scale Agroprocessing Platforms
Project Location: Mali & Uganda

In response to energy-poverty challenges, the Government of Mali has been implementing the multi-functional platform program (PTFM) since the mid-1990s with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). These Multi-function platforms (MFPs) involve a slow-speed stationary diesel engine directly powering various pieces of equipment such as millers, grinders, pumps, and battery chargers.

As a research effort, AE principals lead a team that implemented and monitored several MFP installations in Mali and Uganda. AE principals also designed and fabricated modification kits for the MFPs to allow direct, plant-oil fueling of the engines. Monitoring and analysis of these sites included economic analysis, extensive operation logs (1 year’s worth) analysis, exhaust temperature data logging, fuel consumption monitoring, processing rates measurements & analysis, engine speed data logging, component analysis, and extensive lube-oil analysis. The end result was an expansive study documenting the implementation and monitoring of more than 10 sites, revealing opportunities for technical and economic operational changes to existing and future MFP implementations, to improve benefits realized by local stake-holders.

Project Duration: 2008 through 2010
Services provided: Data analysis, monitoring program definition, engine modification kit design and fabrication