Agricultural infrastructure such as canals, culverts, bridges and dams that service areas dependent on farming are essential to many developing communities.  With a number of successful projects in rural areas of Southeast Asia, AE is experienced in the design and implementation of these components on all scales.

AE has provided the design of canals and associated infrastructure for projects throughout Cambodia. Designs have included the earthwork, concrete bridges, culverts, water gates and pump house. Specific project examples include:

In addition to the physical infrastructure, AE has experience working with communities to ensure the long-term sustainability of these projects.

AE can provide engineering services for water supply requirement, whether it is for drinking water or irrigation. AE provides water resources studies and assess the amount of water available in any given area. AE can also support the client to select the best solution for water harvesting and storage, and follow-up with the design and construction management of the chosen infrastructure. Specific project examples include:

AE has provided architectural design, structural engineering and construction management for processing and storage warehouses. Design services included foundation design, structural design for the superstructure and layout to accommodate any required equipment. A specific example of this type of project was the Nagathom Rice Mill Warehouse. The AE team was able to successfully manage the entire design and construction process ensuring the building geometry and layout would accommodate the processing equipment and operations. This project was completed on schedule and under budget.

Other projects:


Project Management


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